For The Home

We sell a range of candles from Best Kept Secrets. These candles in tins and diffusers make lovely, affordable gifts and are hand made in the UK. The candles burn for 50 hours and there is no wasted wax as in normal candles. The diffusers last around 12 weeks. All add a beautiful scent to your home.

Scents include the classic Lavender, Cotton Fresh, and the popular Tuscan Velvet, Evergreen Spice, and for Christmas, Gingerbread.

We sell the very popular and humerous 'Spring Chicken' range from Peartree Heybridge including coasters, wine bottle stoppers and slant pads.

The Heyland and Whittle range is from a couple who live on a farm in Sussex. Their range includes handmade soaps, hand and body washes and lotions. All of their products are beautifully presented, wrapped in colourful paper with flower decorations. Luxury at affordable prices.

Introduced to the shop in spring 2012, the Pocket Garden products have proved to be one of our best sellers and are perfect gifts all year round.